community rules

NDS and projectABLE welcome all users of this Website. We value your opinions and experience and encourage you to share them with the other users of this Website. In return, NDS hopes that you will take away useful information about the disability sector. In order to make your visit to our Website a pleasant experience, NDS requires all users of this Website to follow these Community Rules.

our website’s objectives

The objectives of our Website are to:

  • provide a safe, friendly and supportive environment in which the users of our Website can exchange information and opinions;
  • enable students who have an interest in the disability sector to engage in discussions and an exchange of information regarding the disability sector;
  • offer resources to help students develop a rewarding career path in the disability sector; and
  • promote disability awareness in the community, encouraging students to become ambassadors for the rights and dignity of others.

You agree that you will at all times behave in a manner that is consistent with and promotes the objectives of our Website.

our website’s rules

Our website must only be used in accordance with these Community Rules.

You agree that you MUST AT ALL TIMES:

  • behave in a friendly, courteous and respectful manner towards other persons using our Website;
  • be responsible for your own conduct;
  • remain ‘on topic’ for any discussion you are involved in;
  • keep your posts clean and polite and conduct yourself with dignity and decorum at all times;
  • respect the copyright, and other rights, in the works of other persons;
  • clearly identify any links to other websites that are contained in, or embedded in, your post and explain where the link is directed and the content that a person may find at that link;
  • use your best endeavours to ensure that any views expressed in a lively debate you have engaged in, or opposing opinions that you have submitted, are presented in a polite and helpful manner that encourages consideration of the views of all persons using our Website;
  • report breaches of these Community Rules to the administrator or moderator of our Website; and
  • accept any decision of the administrator or moderator of our Website as final.

You agree that you MUST NEVER:

  • use derogatory or demeaning language, images, or actions against any person using our Website because of their race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, religion, sexual preference or disability;
  • post vulgar, obscene, indecent, hateful, offensive, defamatory, abusive, harassing, intimidating or profane material or links to such material;
  • post spam, junk mail, pyramid schemes, chain letters or advertisements or links to such material;
  • post any material whatsoever that infringes another person’s rights including, without limitation, rights in relation to copyright, trade marks, confidential information, trade secrets, and any other proprietary rights, howsoever described;
  • engage in personal attacks, post insults towards individuals or groups or ridicule other uses of our Website;
  • engage in any behaviour that discourages other persons from participating in discussions on our Website or using our Website;
  • post any personal information relating to another person including, without limitation, that other person’s telephone number, email address, street address, or any other personal information, without that other person’s informed permission to do so;
  • use vulgar or obscene nicknames or names that mislead other persons regarding your identity;
  • tell anyone your password or allow another person to use your account to access our Website;
  • impersonate another person;
  • encourage, advocate, solicit, aid or abet unlawful activity of any kind;
  • engage in conduct that leads to, or may lead to, a civil claim against NDS or a director, officer, employee or agent of NDS;
  • post multiple copies of the same material to our Website;
  • post material to our Website in a manner that results in, or is calculated to result in, a denial of service to other users of our Website; or
  • use our Website for a commercial purpose which is not expressly authorised by NDS.

definitions and applications

Your access to and use of our Website is conditional on your acceptance of these Community Rules and the Terms of Access and Use. If you do not accept any of these Community Rules or any of the Terms of Access and Use then you must immediately cease all access or use of, and desist from any future access or use of, our Website.


These Community Rules apply to your conduct in any interactive area of our Website and to all information, content and materials that you submit, upload or otherwise transfer to our Website including, without limitation, all text, links, photographs, graphics, sound, music and videos (if any).

These Community Rules may be altered, from time to time, by NDS at the sole discretion of NDS. In the event that NDS alters these Community Rules, NDS will post a link to these Community Rules, as amended, on relevant areas of our Website.

You agree and acknowledge that, to the fullest extent permitted by law, NDS is not responsible or liable for the information and content submitted by third persons. Your use of our Website is on an ‘as is’ basis.

NDS reserves the right to review, edit, moderate, amend or remove any information, materials or content submitted by you and you agree and acknowledge that NDS may do so, at the sole discretion of NDS, whether or not the information, materials or content submitted by you is in breach of these Community Rules.

NDS expressly disclaims any duty or obligation to review, edit, moderate, amend or remove any information, materials or content submitted by any user to our Website.

These Community Rules must be read in conjunction with the Terms of Access and Use that apply to our Website. In the event that there is any inconsistency between the Terms of Access and Use and these Community Rules, the Terms of Access and Use shall apply to the extent of that inconsistency.

In these Community Rules:

  • “Community Rules” means the objectives, rules, terms and conditions that are set out above;
  • “NDS” National Disability Services Limited (ACN 008 445 485);
  • “our Website” means the NDS website, the Disability Safe website, the carecareers website, the projectABLE and any other website that is part of the NDS website including, without limitation, any website that is owned or operated by or on behalf of NDS and any website available through the domain name and any sub-domains related to the domain name; and
  • “you” or “your”, as the context may require, means the person who accesses or uses our Website from time to time.