Is your community accessible?

how often do you think about people with disability?

  • Do you notice whether a building you’re entering has ramps?
  • Tactile ground indicators for people with vision impairments?
  • Do the TV shows you watch offer captioning for the hearing impaired?
  • Do TV shows offer respectful representations of people with intellectual disability?

your challenge!

Discover some positive and negative examples of accessibility in your community and post them here on the projectABLE blog. Take a picture or video or write a short post about what you’ve seen.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Is your school accessible? Take a tour of your school and imagine you’re using a wheelchair. What are the roadblocks to access?
  • Is your house accessible? If you had a friend who used a wheelchair, how easy would it be to visit?
  • What TV shows do you watch with characters who have a disability? Why not share a few words about that character and whether you think it is a positive or negative representation? (HINT: Check out House, Glee, Friday Night Lights, The West Wing, Revenge, Home and Away, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad)
  • Is your school supportive of people with mental illness? Is there clear information about how to access counselling services?
  • What ad campaigns or media stories can you find for people with disability? How well do these raise awareness? Share links and chat about what makes an effective communication tool about disability.
  • Interview a friend or relative who has a disability about access and inclusion. How do they feel people with disability are treated by society?

Remember: Access isn’t just about ramps and wheelchairs! Don’t forget people with hearing impairment, intellectual disability, vision impairment and mental illness. Accessibility means inclusivity. Let’s create a more accessible, inclusive society.

how to share your thoughts and experience

It’s easy! When you’re out and about at school or on the weekend, keep an eye out and always be aware of access for people with disability. Take a quick snap or video on your phone when you see a positive or negative example!

Just fill in the form on our share your experience page and upload your photos or video and text. Then share your post on facebook!