how to spot access and inclusion in your community

People with disability are really active in the online community, chatting about the challenges to access and inclusion imposed on them by their communities.

We want you to get in on the action by looking at your community in new ways, keeping an eye out for things which are accessible and inclusive (as well as inaccessible and exclusive!) You can find about more about access and inclusion on our page of suggestions, Is your community accessible?

You can post photos, video and text through our Share your experience form. To get you started, here are some great pieces of writing on the topic:

“Perhaps one of these days we’ll get through a week without a media commentator revealing their ableism. Unfortunately, that week is not this one.”

“I am the first to admit that when it comes to disability on television, I’m a huge cynic.”

“We can’t expect people with disabilities to participate equally in society until our infrastructure allows it.”

“In order to achieve social change for people with disability, non-disabled people are going to have to step up and be a critical part of the journey.”

“Playing a character with a disability is a sure-fire way to score yourself an Oscar.”

“Speaking up about inaccessibility on the web is the only way to change it, Sarah Pulis from Media Access Australia.”

“Making social networking accessible to people with disability doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated.



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