Meet Kyrilos

From workshops to Certificate Training, where does the projectABLE journey take you? We speak to Kyrillos, student and projectABLE ambassador since 2011. Kyrillos featured in one of last year’s projectABLE ambassador videos alongside fellow ambassador and volunteer Amy with Louise Olsen from Dinosaur Designs, viewable online.

I began to get involved with projectABLE through the workshop at Interaction Disability Services (IDS) in Castle Hill, originally just to check it out and see what the community sector was about. The half day workshop was a really interactive lesson and really inspired me to keep on going.

Here I was able to apply for a First Aid Course and work experience in which I participated in dance with some clients from IDS. It was from this point forth that I took a great deal of interest in the program and understood the theoretical and practical components of a care career. I was fortunate enough to be chosen as one of three ambassadors, where I was fully able to enjoy a fulfilling experience with projectABLE.

projectABLE is a step in shifting from a normal working environment into more interactive places and it’s great because the community sector gets more recognition which is what we need at the moment.

I hope to one day become a doctor and assist clients who may not have their wants and needs attended by medical specialists who are possibly impatient and inconsiderate.
I gained a world’s worth from projectABLE. I was able to improve not only my communication skills but more importantly my perceptions of people with a disability. Everything that a disabled person needs and wants is the same as an able person needs and wants. Check projectABLE out, it’s a really great experience.

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